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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 14, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> thanks for that. >> you're welcome. >> your big brain, your boundless knowledge. it's really good. it's really good. new details about the moment leading up to the crash of that amtrak train in philadelphia. plus, take a look at these ancient ruins. if size gets to them, they could soon be gone. and cnn flies high above nepal to see the scope of the damage from the latest quake. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. great to have you with us. i'm john vouse and this is "cnn newsroom."
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we begin with the train crash in philadelphia. officials say the train accelerated from 65 miles per hour to 100 miles per hour in just seconds. cnn has received this exclusive video showing the moment the train derailed. you can see the sparks fly as the train careens off the tracks. the focus of the investigation has turned not only to the train's speed, but also to the man at the controls. 32-year-old brandon bostian. but as gary tuchman explains, bostonian's attorney says his client doesn't remember much. >> brandon bostian, the 32-year-old ill fated engineer is still not talking to investigators. the only glimpse of an explanation comes from his attorney. he told abcbostian recalls
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almost nothing. >> i believe as a result of the concussion, he has absolutely no recollection of the events. i'm told his memory is likely to return as the concussion symptoms subside. >> bostian's attorney says his client has other injuries but is not in the hospital. he remembers coming into the curve. he remembers attempting to reduce speed thereafter. he was knocked out from around just like all the other passengers in that train. >> the attorney says bostian voluntarily submitted to a blood test and turned over his cell phone. one person desperately waiting to hear the story is his former flagman, ex i'vier bishop. he says he was nel never take a train that was not in tip top shape and would never himself by behind the controls if he wasn't ready to drive. >> ever see him drinking? >> no. >> ever see him too sleepy? >> no.
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>> texting? >> no. >> phone calls? >> never had his phone out. it didn't matter what the situation was. never had his phone out. he doesn't drink. you know, none of that. none of that stuff. >> bishop was fired from amtrak last year over missed days due to family illnesses, but says the crews that run that route know it very, very well. >> what do you think happened? >> i honestly don't know. i really believe something happened prior to him getting to that curve. because we all know the speed restrictions. engineers and conductors. we all know what the speed limits are. and it's not a mystery to us. again, i've went up and down these rails with brandon hundreds of times. >> the engineer grew up in tennessee, went to the university of missouri where he graduated in 2006 with a business degree. he was hired on at amtrak as a conductor before rising to the rank of engineer in 2010, according to his linkedin profile. his neighbor in queens, new york, says it's a job he loves.
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>> he likes it. he's happy. he was happy with his job. >> cnn has obtained the crew sheet for train 188, including the conductor, amelio conseco, hospitalized with a fractured skull. the assistant henry and tyese bryant who ran the train's cafe car. the crew has been instructed by amtrak not to talk to the media. drew griffin, cnn, philadelphia. >> one person knows exactly what happened, it's probably the engineer of train 188, brandon bostian. while he has agreed to speak with investigators, his lawyer says for now, bostian can't remember what happened. for more of an impact on what that might have on the investigation, we're joined now from washington. peter, if bostian never regains his memory, what sort of problems would that cause for the investigation? >> well, it will make it slightly more difficult, but
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remember, the ntsb often investigates accidents where there are no survivors, where both crew members or the only people involved had a fatal accident, were part of the fatal accident. so having the engineer speak would be helpful, but it's not essential. they have the physical facts, they have the event recorder. they'll be able to come up with a probable cause. >> if he can't remember what happened, does it cause any issues for bostian? >> well, in the united states, seldom do accident people involved in these kinds of large scale accidents face prosecution. they sometimes do. and i'm sure bostian's lawyer is concerned about a potential prosecution in his case. so i think he has to be very cautious about what he says. >> why is it different in the
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u.s. compared to, say, europe because spain a few years ago and the driver of the engineer on that train? he was charged with dozens of counts of man slaughter. >> well, in the u.s., our safety system is -- has been built on a -- on an assumption that you could make a mistake and it's not a criminal offense. so it is a nonprosecutoral environment, even after what are obvious mistakes by pilots or by train engineers or by bus drivers. they are seldom prosecuted. not entirely do they go free, but they are seldom prosecuted. it's just the nature of the safety system. >> map box put out a comparison of the speed of all the amtrak trains on that route that day. it shows train 188 was traveling
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at the same speed as every other train except for this one curve. the red dot shows 188 accelerating to 106 miles per hour. what do you read into that? >> well, it's inexplicable. the only thing i can speculate is that the -- that the engineer had a loss of situational awareness, meaning he didn't realizeidt realize exactly where he was. he may have thought he wass further on in the -- in the route than he was. i doubt that there was a -- a failure of the throttles. that's a very rare -- in the engine history of railway engines. so it's inexplicable. >> okay, peter, it is good to speak with you again. we appreciate your insights. thank you. >> thank you. >> eight people were killed, more than 200 injured in tuesday's crash. u.s. president barack obama offered condolences to the
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victims and he called for increased funding for the nation's railroads. >> for a lot of people on that train, it was a routine journey. a commute, a business trip, for the amtrak employees who were badly hurt, it was their office, place of doing business and that somehow makes it all the more tragic. until we know for certain what caused this tragedy, i just want to reiterate what i have already said, that we are a growing country with a growing economy. we need to invest in the infrastructure that keeps us that way. and not just when something bad happens, like a bridge collapse or a train derailment, but all the time. so i offer my prayers for those who grieve, a speedy recovery for the many who were injured as they work to recover. >> we now know the identities of all eight people who were killed. the youngest, a 20-year-old mid shipman at a u.s. naval academy. others leave behind families and young children.
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here is sara. >> days after the crash, three more families devastated. two bodies finally identified. another found in the wreckage of amtrak train 188. robert gildersleeve was lived as missing. his son made a heart wrenching plea for any information about it. guild guildersleeve's body was the last to be pulled from the wreckage. his wife made this statement. our hearts are broken and we can't imagine live without him. the other the person recently identified, laura finemore. her favorite thing to do was being wither had seven nieces and nephews. her family said her smile could light up a room and they will remember her infectious laughter. these are some of the people behind the statistics from the deadly amtrak train derailment. eight souls that led full lives, touching many. 20-year-old justin zemser wanted to become a navy s.e.a.l., he
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was a high school valedictorian, a second year midshipman in the u.s. naval academy, his mother's only child. >> he was a loving son, nephew and cousin who was very community minded. this tragedy has shocked us all in the worst way and we wish to spend this time grieving with our close family and friends. >> from a man just starting out in life to a man whose long and successful career had taken him across the world, wells fargo senior vice president abid galani was coming home on the train after attending a family member's funeral. now his wife is burying him. >> abid was a dear person. he was a very kind person. he and i did our most to help others. he was a kind family man. and we have suffered a tremendous loss today. he'll be sorely missed and he was really a wonderful person.
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>> rachel jacobs was a chief executive of a small tech company. she was also a mother of a 2-year-old son and a wife. her husband now left to explain it all one day to their baby boy. derrick griffith had just frd his doctorate of philosophy last month. he had risen to dean of student affairs at a college in finish. he was a founder of kunie preparatory school in new york. jim gaines once want the massive company's geek of the month awa award. he was a family man. he is two children, his daughter, 1 1, his son 16. his wife said jim was more precious to us than we can adequately express. the last to be identified, jeseppi pias. his trip cut short during a typical american journey. cnn, philadelphia. >> now to nepal where the death
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toll from this year's earthquake death toll now stands at 110. rescuers are trying to reach the epicenter of the magnitude tremor. this comes this week after a devastating earthquake which killed more than 8,000 people and flattened entire villages. search teams are still working to find a missing u.s. military helicopter and the eight-member crew helping with the recovery efforts in nepal. our will ripley flew over the search area for a firsthand look at the utter devastation. >> an empty space where three helicopters should be. a painful reminder of six u.s. marines and two nepalese soldiers, still missing. the american chopper disappeared the same day nepal suffered its second major earthquake in just over two weeks. >> i always maintain hope. >> the brig ga deer general who came to provide relief now
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leading an urgent search. >> the best tool we have is a marine leaning out the side of an airplane looking for his friends. >> we're about to fly into the search zone. we're flying the same route taken by the missing u.s. marines. they were on a mission, delivered desperately needed supplies, rescue the injuries. we see pilots of rubble where families lived and far too many died. we're flying over some of the flesh landslides from the earthquake and the aftershock and the land is essentially buried the villages below. we saw people standing on top of their destroyed homes waiting because they thought we were here and coming to deliver help. there are so many people down here that need help.
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>> major roads consumed by the mountains. only compounding the isolation. this monastery destroyed, monks sleeping outside just like tens of thousands of others with monsoon season just weeks away. you can see it from up here, you get a true sense of the scope, the horrific scope of this disaster. we fly over the main search area for the missing marine helicopter. america, india and nepal running search flights from dawn to dusk. hundreds of nepalee soldiers scouring rugged terrain and deep winding rivers. we also feel sorry for the people of nepal. the marines came here to help, only to end up missing in the himalayas surrounded by destruction. will ripley, cnn, docot, nepal.
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welcome back to cnn. isis leader al bagdadi is calling for new recruits. but there is another purpose mind his newly released audio message that made that call. jim schudo explains. >> in a new audio message, the isis leader al baghdadi makes a threatening new appeal, calling on new rekreets to join the group or fight, quote, in his land or wherever they may be. heard for the first time in six months, baghdadi references the campaign which started on march 26th. iraqi officials say he was wounded in an air strike in february. air strike after devastating air strike, american officials say the u.s.-led air campaign is having a punishing effect on isis.
10:20 pm
fighters and the u.s. says its leaders. >> i think if you look at the extent of isil's reach, about a year ago, and look at where it is now, you see that it has -- it has been pushed back in many, many places. >> now the iraqi committee says the second in command was killed whose roots in isis date back more than a decade. he has been a key u.s. target with a $7 million bounty on his head. the pentagon says they have no evidence that al afri is dead. >> there have been people burned in the past when they've said they struck and destroyed a target and killed an individual and suddenly that individual pops back up somewhere else. it is not clear, however, how seriously the death of a senior leader would change the equation on the battlefield. when abu masa alkabi was killed
10:21 pm
in 2006, the group he led survived, grew and to this day controls large parts of syria and iraq. with isis as with all terror groups, leadership does matter. >> they control the operational tempo and the kind of design of the operation. especially in this organization which has key leaders from both terrorist backgrounds, but also from the military background. >> well, this recording could be an attempt to disprove reports that al baghdadi was killed or seriously hurt by an air strike. michael weis joins us now from new york. michael, is there enough on this tape to actually prove that baghdadi has been seriously wounded? we don't see him, so it's possible he could be incapacitated in some a. >> he is incapacitated. my reporting has confirmed it based on what isis sources and more importantly, doctors who have been treating baghda did i
10:22 pm
have said, which is that he was hit in an air strike, an unintentional hit, by the way. his spinal cord is injured in some capacity. his left leg apparently is immobilized. so he's down, but not out. he's incapacitated, but as you know, sitting in a hospital bed, you can still give commandments and orders and run the day-to-day operations n of isis. but yeah, this communique is clearly designed to give proof of life and to show he is very much still running the organization. >> he reference tess saudi air campaign in yes, ma'am.which means the recording could be, what, seven weeks old? a lot could have happened between now and then. is it possible that he could be speaking from beyond the grave? >> it's possible, but i -- again, i think it's very, very unlikely. i heard today i can't disclose how, but all the western governments in the so-called five eyes nations, which include the u.s., great britain, australia, are aware that he's
10:23 pm
been injured. the question then is why isn't the pentagon and other companies coming out and disclosing the fact inspect i have heard -- although this part i can't confirm -- this is because the americans want to hit again and they don't want to disclose his location for fear he'll be a runner. but i've heard that al baghdadi, after he was hurt, vowed vengeance against the united states. >> if you look at the message itself, it seems incredibly inflammatory. islam is a religion of war, islam cannot live without christians and jus. is this ratcheting up the rhetoric here or is this standard stuff? >> that's standard stuff. what i found rather impressive, not in a positive source, of course, the about this communique, is that he's laying blame at the feet of the internally displaced sunnis in iraq and say how dare you join
10:24 pm
the ranks which is a bigoted term to describe shia, namely the shia militias, due to join with them and the jewish crusader. so he's actually sort of -- this is an implication delivered at the expense of the sunnis who have been fleeing from isis's clutches over these past nine months. that said, he counterposes that message with the brave mujahadene to libya and syria and iraq for carrying on the tradition of true islam. >> interesting that we've finally heard from baghdadi. michael weiss from new york, thank you. >> cheers. another important piece of syria's cultural heritage is under threat from isis. an opposition group says militants are now just miles away from an ancient town. there's temples, statues and monuments dating back to the
10:25 pm
first and second centuries. now syria says it faces the same fate as other cities have were destroyed earlier this year. let's check in with the weather right now. there's some changing in the weather patterns and one of those changes we're looking at the return of the dreaded el nino, which essentially brings back a lot of drought to many parts of the world. >> to australia, in fact. it could lead to more brush fires and lead to an increase or decrease in monsoonal rains over southeast asia, but there's some positives, as well. reduction in atlantic hurricanes and also drought relief over the western half of the united states. but we certainly do not want to see this as a typical image from southeast asia, including india. but if the scientists have it right, we certainly have the possibility that this is going to actually take place. in fact, they're calling for a 90% certainty that el nino will continue to strengthen and it's expected to last through the northern hemisphere summer,
10:26 pm
right through the end of 2015. so it's important that we establish what is el nino? in a typical season, what we see is a warm egg of the ocean waters over the western pacific. but this is all broken down. when the trade winds and the ocean currents start to weaken and we start to see that warmer water shift further to the east, this is important because what we see with warmer water is convection. thunderstorm activity. in the normal season, that would be over the western pacific, including the southeast monsoon. but when we see that warmer water shift further eastward, we also start to see the thunderstorms shift eastward, as well. so that reduces the amount of rain over the western pacific. not good news. the metrological department calling for a below average monsoonal season. about 93% of the normal rainfall expected. this could have significant impacts on agricultural and with this reduction in water temperature over the western pacific, it's also going to impact places like indonesia and into australia. remember, cooler waters means
10:27 pm
fewer tropical cyclones impacting the continent. however, more intense droughts expected, heat wave res possible once again across australia with el nino strengthening or showing signs of strengthening. keep in mind, seven of australia's ten driest years were during an el nino event. 17 seasons have brought widespread drought to australia. so this has profound impacts across the world, john, including an area that you called home for so long and i think people just need to really pay attention to these concerns from scientists. a 90% certainty that this climate really starting to change across the world because of the if a nom known called el nino. >> we appreciate that. thank you. when we come back, who is in charge after a coup attempt? we'll have a lot more on this developing story up next here on cnn.
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. it's 1:30 on the east coast of the united states. the headlines this hour, officials now say the amtrak train that derailed in philadelphia accelerated before the crash from 70 miles per hour to just over 100 miles per hour in a matter of seconds. meantime, another body has been recovered from the crash site bringing the total number of dead to eight. a south korean intelligence official is casting doubt on reports that north korea executed its defense minister. the official tells cnn he was removed from his role within the regime, but he could not confirm if he was, in fact, executed.
10:32 pm
another report suggests that hun was executed for expressing discontent towards leader kim jung un. diplomates from cuba will discuss next week to discuss reopening embassies in each other's capitals. it's part of the efforts to reshort diplomatic ties in each nation. more than 700 migrants have been allowed on shore in indonesia. reuters site aes spokesman who says they arrived on the east coast after being initially blocked by indonesia's navy. thousands of people have been abandon at sea by smugglers. that's after a crackdown on human trafficking by thailand's government. a coup in barun did i has failed, according to the cup's chief of staff.
10:33 pm
chaos erupted back home and according to his twitter page, the president is now back in burundi. for now, the situation remains volati volatile. it's unclear who, if anybody, is in charge. so, robin, fluid might be the best way to describe the situation in burundi right now. has the president been seen in public since his return? >> yes. it's a good word to describe what's happening in burundi. the president, as far as we can tell, has not been seen in public. but as you said, he did tweet yesterday that he was back in the country and there has been reports that this coup has indeed failed, although that remains to be seen. very quiet last night, quiet this morning, but fierce clashes erupted yesterday, john. here is a wrap of what we know. the announcement of the overthrow of burun did i's president was initially met with scenes of triumph and elation,
10:34 pm
indicating that just maybe the army general turned coup d'etat leader godfrei did murambi had the support to lead. soldiers loyal to the coup marched to the state broadcaster and after a brief exchange of gunfire overran it. the airport and all borders closed. but all that changed overnight. by thursday morning, full scale fire fights lasting for hours could be heard across the capital. ordinary burundians, terrified, stayed at home, too scared to move. those loyal to the president battled those against him using semi automatic weapons and grenades. at one point, the president announced on state radio that he was back in the country and the coup was over. however, that was immediately disputed. the president hasn't been seen
10:35 pm
since wednesday when he arrived in dara salam for an emergency meeting on the east african community on the crisis in burundi. when cnn asked a spokesperson about the president's whereabouts, we were told for national security reasons that couldn't be revealed. shortly after the president's message, another round of gunfire erupted at the state broadcaster, lasting, according to eyewitnesss, for about an hour. the state broadcaster then went dark. the transmission cut. hours later, it began operating again in the hands of government loyalist troops, at least for now. no one seems to know exactly who is in charge of burundi. one eyewitness holed up at home told cnn no one knows much, but one thing is known. the wars here, it's not going away today or tomorrow. that's why these men, women and children are leaving in droves, fleeing to neighboring
10:36 pm
countries, tanzania, rwanda and even the democratic republic of congo. people left their family homes with only what they can carry. >> there are always problems on the way. when you leave your house, it is always the thing you need most that you can't take. for example, you cannot take a cow with you. even if you have a little savings on an account, you have no time to take it. we suffer because we have nothing. we left without anything. >> the united nations believes more than 70,000 people have fled the fighting. that number is likely to increase sharply after recent events. this attempted coup could go one of two ways. either the president's troops will defeat the dissenters or vice versa. and some type of order, whether legal, humane or not will be restored. all an too familiar scene for burundians with a high risk of
10:37 pm
ethnic violence. reports on the ground indicate that at least five soldiers were killed in yesterday's clashes. john, it looks like the coup leader, general nurambai failed to take the key points, as it were, failed to take the state broadcast to the airports and was backing government loyalist troops. and the general, we understand, is nowhere to be found. >> robin, given the celebrations on witness after the coop was announced, it does question the support the president hand there in burundi. >> it's a good question. it's a question i posed to his spokesperson. he said burundi is made up of 3,000 hills and there is unrest in five or six of the areas of those hills. that was a simplistic way of describing it. but when these protests were going on, john, there were only in sporadic areas and b, indeed,
10:38 pm
this coup has indicated that the president does still have a lot of troops, a lot of -- the army who are still loyal to him and indeed a population that did not swell behind this renegade general for much longer than just a few hours. >> okay. thank you, robin. reporting live for us there in nairobi. thanks, robin. good to have you. china's state media is reporting five chinese nationals were injured by artillery shells fired from myanmar. it's not known at this point who fired the shells. but reports say it happened thursday in a border area known for frequent clashes between myanmar government forces and rebels who consistent of many ethnic chinese. china's premier wants his country and india to strengthen their political trust to build what he calls a fairs international order. the remere in india's prime minister just ended a news conference in beijing.
10:39 pm
they're working on a number of issues to grow their economies. china recently invested in india's rival, pakistan. but this trip is aimed at rebuilding both trust and trade. dana joins us live from beijing. incredibly exciting stuff, these trade visits. not much detail on those these two countries plan to deal with their ongoing border disputes. >> that's right, john. certainly they have said -- made a lot of noises in terms of trying to figure out their long running border dispute. but, of course, they haven't given any details in this forum. xi jinping said they should, quote, control their differences. they did make a slight dig at the chinese, it seems, in a press conference saying that they might not be -- they might be impeding progress at times. but this was about trade, mostly. $72 billion or so in trade between the two countries last
10:40 pm
year. that's actually relatively disappointing compared to what could be going on. they've assigned some 24 memorandums of understanding and today they will sign them. this list leaked by an indian official and it's covering all sorts of things from cultural diplomatic and infrastructure, infrastructure ties and even a yoga cottage. but certainly, it's sort of translating these soft agreements into hard transactions will be the challenge. john. >> david, if nothing else, this full-court press of diplomatic woo i wooing, the list goes on. >> that's right. and certainly xi jinping has tried to warm relations with india. there has been tensions, obviously, of that border dispute. mostly some time ago, but more recently the it's been a little bit more stable.
10:41 pm
they've also tried to make a personal push, xi jinping traveling to meet with the prime minister. that's extremely unusual for a president of china to leave beijing and meet with another leader. so certainly they are making, as i said, a lot of noises, trying to put a positive spin on this visit. there are huge challenges, though. and everyone always compares india and china in competition, who is going faster, who is going to be the biggest economy down the road, does a democracy work or a communist party dictatorshi dictatorship? you cannot help but make these comparisons. economists say by cooperating, at least economically, the economies will do much better than competing. john. david, thank you. dave mackenzy live with the latest there. we appreciate it. thanks, dave. we'll take a short break here on "cnn newsroom." but when we come back, brotherly loyalty clashes with u.s. presidential politics. jeb bush, wee have invaded iraq
10:42 pm
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ladies and gentlemen, please welcome mitt romney! >> two very unlikely opponents from a u.s. presidential candidate and a former heavyweight boxing champ, all set to square off in the name of charity. mitt romney and evander holyfield weighing off in salt lake city in utah. the event will raise about $1 million for charity vision, a nonprofit which provides eye care for some of the poorest countries in the world. wow. >> jeb bush, former governor of florida and potential presidential contender has been struggling all week to explain his position on the iraq war. his troubles started during this interview on fox news. >> knowing what we know now,
10:46 pm
would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have and so would have hillary clinton, just to remind everybody, and so would almost everybody that was confronted with the intelligence they got. >> the next day, governor bush tried to walk back his answer on a radio interview with fox's sean hannity. >> i interpreted the question wrong. i i was talking about given what people knew then, would you have done it, rather than knowing what we know now. >> so in other words, in 2020 hindsig hindsight, you don't knwould haa different decision? >> korea. i don't know what that decision would be. the simple fact is mistakes were made. >> that answer was seen as side stepping the question. finally, thursday, in arizona, governor bush gave his clearest answer so far. >> so here is the deal. if we're all supposed to answer hypothetical questions, knowing what we know now, what would you have done, i would have not
10:47 pm
engaged, i would not have gone into iraq. >> political observers say jeb bush should have been ready to answer these kinds of questions, especially since his brother, george w. bush is the one who authorized the controversial iraq invasion back in 2003. mr. obama is expected to sign a bill approved by congress allowing them to a approve any deal with iran. the house of representatives passed the measure on thursday. the white house initially opposed congress having a say in this deal, but relented when it became clear that democrats and republicans supported the bill. when we come back, sweden has a new way to ward off russian subs. the provocative under water message. it is just ahead. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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the powerful tool that shows blyou what should pay.r. it gives you a fair purchase price that's based on what others recently paid for the same new car and kelley blue book's trusted pricing expertise. a peace group has come up with an unusual way to fend off russian submarines suspected of infiltrating submarines. it's a two-fer, trying to deal with russian military aggression as well as russian hoe mow phobia. >> could this be more effective
10:52 pm
than sonar surveillance and possibly more explosive than sea mines? meet the singing sailor, an under water sign installed by swedish anti-war ngo the peace and arbitration society. the message? welcome to sweden, gay since 1944. the group says it's a satyrical move to repel russian submarines while criticizing russia's treatment of gays. >> we want to raise the broader issue of military station, the idea of solving conflicts through violence, trying to remind the world what happened with the idea of make love not war smp. >> with their luke warm welcome for russian subs, the peace activists hope to accomplish what sweden's navy hasn't. keeping tabs on russian submarines suspected of trespassing into the country's territorial waters after an
10:53 pm
unidentified vessel was spotted there last career. >> translator: we are conducting an intelligence operation to identify whether there is or has been foreign under water activity. >> russia has denied the allegations, but the suspected submarine infiltration comes as connections between russia and the west remain tense. the gay sailor sign plays off perceived russian homophone kra. it sends out a morse code saying this way if you're gay. moscow passed anti-gay legislation in 2013 and violence against homosexuals there. >> it is also a reminder to everyone, but in situations where states or societies feel insecure, it is so common that you fall back on old solutions, old methods, rearmaments, a
10:54 pm
military thinking, or when a society feels threatened because not everyone identifies the same sexually. >> russia, so far, has not commented on the campaign. but clearly, there are some who believe more than military deterrents, a warm current from this arctic nation might cause the tough and disciplined russian sailors to cut and run. cnn, london. >> if you're in frankfurt now, keep an eye out for a monkey that looks like that because there is a nationwide hunt for more than a dozen red monkeys that were stole frn a zoo in paris. the zoo director says seven liontamarens and seven others were taken last weekend. they're on loan from brazil. thieves cut through a glass window to steal the animals. they're looking through security footage and an investigation is under way. after more that two decades on the tv show the simpsons,
10:55 pm
voice actor harry shearer is quitting and taking his version of some of the character including ned flanders, mr. burns, excellent, with him. sheerer is leaving a $14 million offer for the next two seasons because of a contract dispute. sheerer says it's all about his ability to do outside work. here's an interview in which he shows off some of his voice acting skills. >> what is your occupation? >> mogul. >> tell me, if you will, how you feel about your employee, homer simple son. >> who? >> the guy who falls asleep at the safety desk. >> he's one of your drones. >> i believe you're a person who believes in revenge, don't you? >> yes. hence the helms. >> "the simpsons" executive producer says sheerer's characters won't be killed off. they'll be recast with other voice actors.
10:56 pm
let's hope they come to terms at the last minute. thanks for watching "cnn newsroom." i'm john vouse. natalie allen will be up next with the latest from around the world. ♪ [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at and then speak with your gastroenterologist. wbring us your aching...ool at and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested and ready to enjoy the morning ahead. aleve pm. the first to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve.
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we start this hour with new developments in burundi. three generals are detained in connection with the attempted coup. isis leader releasing a new you'd audio message calling for more recruits. and the moment the amtrak train derailed in philadelphia, investigators say it was traveling at twice the speed limit. and in nepal, after two brutal earthquakes relief is not making it to those who need it most. i'm natalie allen. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you've watching cnn newsroom. and we have breaking news out of burundi. reuters report willingiing that


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